Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 15, 2016


I can see the vulnerability, the insecurity and fear which makes man less of a monster and more human.


People need to start loving themselves first before they can love anyone ( not to be confused with thinking more about your egotrip)

Lack of ability to love may be an after effect of the industrialization, less love and family, more money and things.

Lack of trust stemming from not being totally trustworthy.

Working in different fields and places doesn,t help the unity exactly and separations are more and more common while relationships rarely last..Having more than one partner gives the impression that you are weak and unfocused, way to easy to distract and very vulnerable from outside ” attacks” and not to be trusted on any level… or like many men tend to do ; they are scared to let go of someone until the next partner is “sure”, (like they show clear signs of being available when they are not really) but by then she is probably gone,  only because a serious top- of-the-line woman will not ever consider a man that has another woman…never.

Take some ” single time” and get yourself together, because on the outside you seem hysterical. There is nothing more unattractive than a man ( or woman) that do not know what they want.


Love & Light




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