Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 14, 2016


This abominous way of ruling with force, inducing fear, provocations, threats, violence and revenge is sacrificing quite a lot of people along the way, obliterating the future of many, causing environmental and cultural destruction and disasters, wiping out ancient historical places, our sacred places on earth,  that are the cradle of many arts like music and literature.

Now 8 year old syrians suicide. after countless displays of drowning children in the mediterranean, children of  terrified people that left everything to have peace of mind.

How many more sacrifizes of blood to still the dragon?


When the people born inro this planes choose to leave only eight to ten years later we may have to look into what kind of society we have created, it is clearly a sign of a totally failed society, an evil place, and we should question ourselves why the ego of many finds it more important to be right, to try and prosper on others wealth and to gobble, gobble all of it while sacrificing actual lives for it.


It is time that this structure be broken down into something more beautiful, of Goda culture that reveres and honors life with an inner and outer joy, not one that celebrates death and delusion.

Love & Light




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