Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 3, 2016

Presence- Standing Fully in the Light of the Creator

Feeling gratefulness is a great way to capture the present and just be.

The feeling you get is that of instant relief and a great calm comes over you.

This precise calm, appreciation, faith and trust is what opens you up to receiving even more blessings, more love and more of everything .

Being present means being in the now, accepting things you have no control over and having faith that you are guided by the highest of divine intelligence and love in each and every step of your life.

Everything has a solution and it will be revealed to you along the way.

You can totally and completely trust that you are safe and that you are being heard on many higher dimensions.

When you do something, be there fully, play with your children and that only, listen to them and go into it fully, play and  learn (turn off the cell phone and forget the social networks,  when you take time for yourself, you do not have to be available to everyone 24 /7).

When you create, delve into it with all of you, get lost in it, immerse yourself completely.

When you speak to a friend or partner, listen to them, try to understand what it is they are saying, be there that moment fully, play more, have more fun, be more spontaneous and full of surprise .

When you work or in a relationship, dive into it, be there a 100% for someone, find out the little things that they love and make them happy and do those things without restraint.

Go into life a 100%.

Live it while touching every fibre of it.

Slowly capture the beauty that life truly is, how interesting and particular your real friends are and what a cool planet we are living on.

Life is rich and thick with experience, content and context.

You can truly bliss when you learn that by just slowing down or let,s say “capture life with more sensitivity and awareness of the  small details” you can turn an average boring experience into something exquisite.


Love & Light





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