Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 1, 2016

Social Exclusion, Isolation and Addictions

They have recently discovered that people do not to drugs because of drugs, just because they exist, they do them due to social exclusion. That means that people that are excluded, isolated or discriminized by  our society, for example people, that are “different” or live in pòverty, are more likely to become addicted to mind -and body altering, toxic substances.


With the industrialization the nuclear family became smaller. While having more money, comfort and things people had less time for love and recreation and then with the technological revolution people started speaking to oneanother through social networks and much less in person. Business meetings can be held at a distance, productions can be made with people situated all over the planet and schooling can be done at a distance.

While this is all good, extremely practical and could make us more efficient when working so that we can spend more time living, what lays ahead may be a lack of social skills and tact. This may lead to further isolation, fear of interacting with people and possible partners, while surrounding ourselves with all these material comforts that are soulless, they  may  fill a need we have, but does not make us happy. Additionally with so much personal exposure people will trust less and nothing is left private, not even the matters of the heart.

Sometimes when we are not happy ( from within) we look for something to ” cover up”, an instant of feeling different and not weighed down, or feeling nothing or wanting to experience no emotions at all, especially of the people around you are controlling or extremely demanding or full of emotional dramas.

Drugs, alcohol and sex are the usual escapes from a depressing or overwhelming “reality”, but one can just as well escape into creativity, hobbies, sports and trying to connect with someone on a deeper level.


Love & Light




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