Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 1, 2016

Keep You Heart Open

Sometimes when we are challenged by ” enemies”, it  could even be family, friends and partners and things seem to get our of control, keep loving even if from a distance and things will heal up themselves or new people and vibrations will come into your life to match what you give out. So try not to control events but keep your heart open. If someone cannot handle all that love you have another person will be open to receiving it.


Sometimes we just grow out of synch with people.

There are certain drugs that work like anaesthesia, like cocain and alcolhol for example, these substances  transform people completely, the love just isn,t there anymore. A relationship can only go as far as sex to fulfill another fleeting, addictive desire.

These people also love drama and revenge to their own detriment.They also tend to do things out of impulse and ego not out of love and light (divine intelligence).

These people  should practice loving themselves first before they experiment with other people.


Love & Light




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