Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 1, 2016

Anxiety in a Fast Society

Many people and specifically women feel enormous pressures as they start the day because, if you look are the amount of hours in the day there is just no way, there aren,t enough hours to do everything without extreme planning and focus.

In between the daily chores, children, other demands and day-to day work, its hard to even be in the mood or have the energy for hobbies, sports, entertainment or even relationships.

It is like the battery runs out and with stress it runs out faster.

It is very common that while you do one thing, you are already thinking about the next thing that need to be done before you can even sit down and focus on the fun stuff.

This phenomena of not being in the now and moving gently forwards creates stress and anxiety because your body is here but the mind is elsewhere, either pondering the future or in the worst case, the past. This affects the tasks at hand. Doing things well, as perfectly as possible, requires mindfulness so if anything stresses you out,  you may actually cause delays and forget things along the way because you are moving frenetically and thinking about other things, so had you focused, (moving steadily but calmly) on each task, as they come up, on a timeline you may have done them faster and better.

Stay away from frantic people as much as possible. Sleep a lot so that you can wake up with time and “afford” to take time to wake up fully and calmly and do your tasks harmoniously without the inner tension or feeling of being upset. You just can,t live in total boredom during the week and full party on the weekend, if you can try and enjoy every minute to the fullest.


Stay calm no matter what.

You think better and make better decisions that way.

Love & Light




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