Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 17, 2016

In Vitrio Fertilization- Commercializing Babies

If two people cannot create children naturally there is a reason behind it. It may be genetic, that the child will be born with severe difficulties or it may be that these people do not have the ” gift” of parenting, they may for example, be cruel, cold or careless.

Just the fact that the child has to be gestated in a surrogate mother is cruel. The child grows up listening to a heartbeat that he or her connects with only to be taken away from that love and heart and be given to someone else, the mother who payed for it. Then that woman who didn,t even see the cruelty in that, is supposed to have feelings for a innocent creature that depends on her for survival without that first connection and I seriously doubt that. When you want a child like this you are acting out of ego not out of love. Children are not a  must-have status symbol, they are sensitive beings with a heart.

Not everyone has the gift of parenting and let us just leave it at that.


Love & Light




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