Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 14, 2016

Breaking the Love

Love is very powerful energetically, creatively and a tool for manifestation.


The giving and receiving of love creates a powerful vortex of energy.


A greedy competitive society or certain people with “bad” intentions will have as a goal to break that cycle for as many people as possible.

To do that you need to create as many unstable and easy influenced people as possible, people that do not know what they want; who they truly love, who they want for President or what their life dream and goal is. If you can make people addicted to (be subjected to an overuse of) mainsteam media, TV, games & electronics, sex , drugs or alcohol they will be more likely to be very distracted, destroy family ties with infidelity or violence, shatter young people by abusing them ( emotionally, physically and sexually). Subsequently these people will never trust or feel calm or happy and content but most probably repeat the same cycles of addiction and self-destruction and thus not be able to rise. They may eat too much for comfort, spend more time on the telephone or computer than meditating, talking or brainstorming ideas that could be the solution for their problems.


Love & Light




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