Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 8, 2016

Taking risks

I think the patriarchy has lost its ground(ing) rules and where one can see this clearly is in the undertaking of risks.

Taking a real risk, a real daring action, is not  about sky diving or bungee jumping, trying to take a selfie at the edge of a sky scraper, giving your life in an unnecessary war, getting too high, or driving to fast while drunk at dawn, or having wild, careless sex with everyone that says yes and without protection,  being unfaithful, trick people,  breaking laws or on the other hand being clearly superficial and not care about anything but only fulfilling desire after desire…

….but more like standing for something that is bigger than you, working for something that we can all enjoy, coming in with valid solutions and a lifestyle that actually create a concrete change.

When you do that you show intelligence and real power, something that cannot be covered up with an excuse, someone we can admire.


Love & Light




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