Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 30, 2016

The Larger Picture

The rules of our society, of what is right and wrong, why men are permitted to do much more than women, why age, time and staying within the frame of time and an age group is so important to our society are interesting, they show how limiited our mind currently is.

If you were to look at our society from the outside, let us say, viewing down at Planet Earth from another civilization this place is quite curious, the limits this race sets upon themselves and how slowly they grasp things within that dense material reality, how they  get way caught up in very small ( when you look at the Universe as a whole) problems and complicate their living by continously creating friction with other people of the same race for apparent no serious reason, just due to a limited life experience, sort of like living life wandering through a tight tunnel.

They are very conflictive and not united as a race which is a weakness, if they intend to do larger things in the Universe. Maybe the tendency of getting caught up in everyday, petty personal events, wants and satisfying ego centered pleasures makes them forget to see the larger picture. That the people you meet along the way are not due to coincidence, that some have the capacity to understand and work for much bigger things that will unite humanity and other lesser “aware” beings continously break the cycles and goals interfering with very personal goals based on a very limited satisfaction level that breaks the creative flow.

We are here, together, to do much bigger things than to live in fear and violence, but to unite in power with very high vibrations affecting our entire Universe in positive ways, so don,t forget, don,t get lost in petty problems, hatred, revenge and violence because this will only debilitate the human race that was born for power in unity.

If we cannot unite where do we think we are going?


The people that surge, one after another with the purpose to ruin the great vibes that come from unity and respect are what, some would call to devilish because their only purpose, out of ego and fear is to cause dissension, break the unity and thus the higher goals and the ultimate goal which is to navigate consciously through space and choose our destiny, not fall victims to it.


Love & Light




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