Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 27, 2016

Controlling The World

In the poor, third world countries attempts to facilitate the drug trafficking or any illegal businesses for that matter to fulfill the increasing needs of the first world countries, they fall into evrey trap that makes them criminals and thus facilitating the first world countries to classify pretty much everyone in those countries as criminals that can be judged and put away legally.

It additionally backfires on the third world countries not focusing on the expected development to uplift themselves legally because the banks only make the interest higher when they fail, additionally and eventually creating a collapse of government structures and freezing private enterprise. Markets can only too easily be manipulated by  adding charges that the small businesses cannot keep up with.

When the desperation hits people will loose what they own to the banks. Life will be about the fight for survival, everyday eating and just making it and authorites and powers will come down to controlling food and water sources, the seeds and the lands. The ones with big funds can easily control any business by only letting in what serves their purpose, for example the music-, movie- and video games industry can choose to promote, advertize and prioritize the  messages and behaviours they need to distact the average person into ” just having fun” and ” forget about the problems, live it up and party” promoting activities that, for example, help augment, alcoholism, drug abuse and the subsequent feeling of emptiness, depressions, feeling of desperation and despair, compulsive behaviour, mental instability, emotional chaos, violence, rapes, also augmenting the sales of medication and again, filling the jails with more criminals. You won,t be able to trust anymore, because if you talk to or have the ” wrong” friends you can be classified as suspicious or dangerous and now your privacy can be invaded because there is the perfect excuse to spy on everything you do. It will be harder and harder to even find friends and partners that are nearly normal. Employment will be harder to get and people will work harder for less, they will end up doing just about anything to survive which will create more criminality and prostitution/ more available women for sex which of course also facilitates life for the decadent upper class. This will augment divorces, depressions and the use of anti-depressants and drugs to “forget, move on and accept” and/ or “just have fun” even if life is not that great.


When people get to that point, they are under total control, their liberty can be taken away like that or they will accept just about anything said and done by any authority, which on a small  micro level could be could be represented by a  family member.

What happens on a world scale is directly related to the distorted action and abuse of each authority on every level, macro and micro- government, family where the individual is literally sacrifized.

The biggest problem is that most people, even when having a choice, will fall for all of this and the worst part is that almost all of them already did.


Love & Light




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