Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 23, 2016

Mental Instability and Its Effects On Society and Reverse

Mentally instable people are sort of easy to manipulate, if they are not medicated, they are easy to ” trigger”, they move on emotions they cannot control, a phobia, a disturbing event, alchol , drugs ( creating a chemical imbalance in the brain ) or even a suggestive song can move them to do things they possibly can,t even remember afterwards.

I have noticed in a family member that when she watches her soap operas she ” becomes” her favourite character. From one moment to the next she takes on an evil stance, a mad look , a provocative and verbally abusive woman and this made me wonder how many other people get influenced like that, that cannot separate their person from the one they watch on TV. That means that if we saturate media with negative personalities, a part of the population will  possibly take on that behaviour for moments, for the rest of the day or maybe even for life.

When people are are continously abused, manipulated and pushed they come to a point where they feel nothing or at least cruel. For many its better not to feel anything or be cruel than be all lovey, dovey and be emotionally run over, ridiculed, disrespected and fall into depression .


This feeling towards others can be selective, that you feel nothing towards the specific people that did something cruel to you or stop being nice and trusting people overall.

That is when people can turn sadistic or if turning that hate inwards become masochistic , being cruel to others or themselves, killing others or themselves ( suicide).

It stems from pain.

That feeling in your heart that you are not loved.

When the sensitivity goes away you are not human anymore.

All this is to be considered if we  want a profound change in our society.


Love & Light




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