Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 17, 2016

Happiness is Relative to Your Expectations

The less expectations or ambitions you have the more relaxed you can be, sort of like the monks who have no children, nor material thing or properties to defend and worry about sitting in a safe monastery with the food served but if you are like the rest of us that truly care about the environment, the community- and world peace then you may wake up grateful, joyful and blessed which you are feeling peaceful having spent 12 hours in your home of peace and bliss but as you walk out into the world and see the guys drunk on alcohol and consumers of crack that are  only thinking about who they are going to steal from next, the men calling out vulgar sexual remarks as you pass and you didn,t get any answers from any government institutions  because they simply do not care and they are all corrupt, or on any proyects for that matter since someone is continuously meddling and trying to control your business affecting you and your children,s future and when you go to the sea to try and stay positive and charge up but end up spending the whole time picking up plastic and trash since the beach is saturated with it to slowly pedal home on your bike, you may not feel so happy anymore and not because you don,t want to  because this society sucks and you cannot even react unless you move in circumspect ways because literally everything you do will be used against you.

That is when I usually call upon the Angels of Justice and thank them for resolving my problems.

These are entities of pure light that is a part of and an extension of God (sort of like we are when acting with intelligence and love) perfect and with no fault. They are of much higher consciousness than the majority of humanity , have clear access to the unseen and cover all the areas and aspects we through our density and dimensional consciousness related limitations cannot see in its entirety. You know that feeling we all get that we know there is a solution ( because there always is) but we just cannot see it. Maybe too many emotions, distractions and other affectations sort of cloud the route. By following our heart and instinct these “informational entities” will guide us through the universal web of possibilities to the next step, to the possibility that you can do with what you have got right here and now.

Whether it is to change direction, practice discipline and wait for the perfect moment or ask for collaboration and help.

Remember that if you have done all the right things you should not need to worry.

Do not get triggered to make a mistake that can be used against you.

The solution is near.


Love & Light




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