Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 15, 2016

Protect Your Children-God Is Good

I just read a letter in a column written by a man named Albert and when you read about the poverty he grew up in and the treatment he received by the surrounding “better off” children because he was poor one cannot help but cry because the story is heart breaking.

In the end when he just couldn,t take it anymore he beat up one of them to get respect and problem resolved.

They didn,t bother him after that.

His father was a drunk and wasted money on partying and women but this kid was like really good in school and he just kept going and going. In the letter after describing every bad event that happened to him he writes but God is good and laughs heartily about all the little good everday events that kept him up and positive. He had to break up with a girlfriend he really loved because since he was cristian- evangelical and her family catholic and they hated him for it and made their relationship impossible and again he says, it hurt, but God is good . He recognized that even if he passed through a lot of soo unfair difficulties he always had just what he needed and that there was always a solution because God is good and how this conviction had helped him handle problems all along his life.

This letter moved me because on can see how incredibly strong humans can be in the face or adversity, how faith and honor really create small and big miracles where negativity and hopelessness only cause depressions, blockages and bad vibes.

It also shows how badly educated rich and religous kids can be and how parents and entire societies that pass on their judgements and abusive violent behaviour like that actually create the problem of certain people being inferior and feeling like they have to defend their position.


If you have noticed this World, planet, animals and vegetable kingdom is so full of beauty but too only many humans are really not nice, conflictive, full of judgement and hatred many times taught by their ancestors and family members  and even society making this place saturated with negativity that just wants to take a hold of you and hold you down, so don,t let it.

Sometimes one bad event after another makes it real hard to see or feel the good things.


Clear yourself from surrounding negativity as many times a day as needed. See below.

Shine because you were born as  pure light and love in the perfect image of God.

That cozy being deep inside of you that purrs in contentment of life no matter what IS you.

Shine in your own right and Always Protect Your Children so that they don,t need to struggle.

Believe in God that IS inside of You, not in religion.


Prayer for Protection

Father, Mother, God – I affirm that I am cleared and cleansed of any and all negativity from within and without, that it be sent back to its source of emanation and encapsulated in the Ultra-Violet Blue Light, Purple-Transmuting Flame, never again to interfere with, bother or pervade anyone in any shape or form or in anyway. I also affirm that I am encapsulated in the Pure White Light, for Love and Protection, Wisdom and Guidance, Health, Healing, Happiness, and Prosperity. I thank you for this Blessing, knowing that it has already been received, and that it is for my Highest Good.
I am also open and receptive to the Loving, Caring, Guiding Influences of my Inner Teachers, Guides and Masters, the Beings of Love and Light, willing and able to be with me during this day and night and at all times. I invite and accept the Higher and the Highest Energies into my life.

So Be It.

Love and Light



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