Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 12, 2016

Secret Societies

For a few days I had this experience, I would be falling asleep but feeling like I was slipping into a dream  reality where these men were trying to hold me down and it was very real and I was panicking so I tried to stay a awake since I knew that if I fell asleep I was done.

A few days later I had another suspicious dream where the voice of a woman took me out of it saying :

-Wake up!

Then I happened to read to articles about secret exclusive societies where extreme dark sexuality is explored, one article claim they do exist and the other one where an ex -porn star claims it is a fantasy.

But where does fantasy end and reality start?

If everything you delve upon becomes reality then is fantasy the unseen before manifestation?

For example I have witnessed young people transform completely from innocent beings to being obsessed with sexuality  and only that and how many of us haven,t heard of  or met sexually “depraved” people and then add how many children and women are “disappearing” in a globally accelerating sex trade. We constantly hear about young stars being used sexually when they try and reach the top.

Additionally new and cheap synthetic drugs come out on the market every once in a while which helps capturing young people into addiction and states of low consciousness where they are easy to take advantage of.

Once you pass a certain line it may be so that compared to other people where sex take up a small part of life these people become obsessed with it and it starts taking over their entire life as if they are possessed by it, which we can prove with that new sexual addiction disease that only too many have now where they need sex all the time and with just about anybody that is available.

That may be why they say that there is no way out once you enter because even if you aren,t there physically your mind is ( I think this is where pornography comes in as a tool for lowering consciousness).

The mind, body and soul is sort of “captured” in this “place” and additionally, where do you go after that when psychologically” marked” and where maybe even very powerful people have that ” hold” on you where they can meddle with your future or even destroy it by merely revealing what you have done.

So what if it is true that once you enter there, there is no way out. Your whole life will be tainted by this experience and you will repeat it and promote it into “eternity”.

So what is it, a fantasy or very, very real?


Love & Light




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