Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 12, 2016


They are into everything that I am not, they sit on their fancy superior ass while you are selling your soul and that is how they would like to keep it, that is why its also important to suppress certain groups or people just would,t do anything for money and fame.  You make the mistakes and feel unhappy and lost while they laugh and cash in because if you weren,t failing they would,t seem better.

They promote separation, violence, greed and promiscuity and their organs are more holy than yours that is why yours need to be available in case they may need them. They also love to break up families so that they seem more united and have you do the killing while they merely suggested it by causing tension and fear.

All these bad choices everyone makes by suggestion helps to drag everyone they couldn,t care less about into the collective abyss of lower consciousness while they make rituals that make their meat better than your meat, their promiscuity valid and justified but yours not.

That faithless, fearful outlook on life has nothing to do with God nor does worshipping of money.

Covering up the part of the head where the light ( God) connects with our soul and circumsizing everyone but the high priests show a sign of trying to control spirituality to a small group.

“Circumcision is the circumcision of the heart, not an actual circumcision”



Love & Light



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