Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 6, 2016

At The Speed Of Light

To catch up on higher and the highest vibrations we need to visualize to step into and move at the speed of light.

When we do so we can feel how the cells of the body truly enjoy this and feel ” free”, how the “weight”  (in all its manifestations) of life on earth simply disappears.


We may resist this speed and lightness at the beginning because  our ” cultural programming”, we may  feel that we need to control and filter this high flow, which will only wear your mind and your body out, possibly due to the immense amount of energy and vibrational information flowing through you.

Physical sexuality  and connections that are not love based may have to be put aside for a while and the focus be on higher type connections like meditation, telepathy and connecting with the collective consciousness in the higher realms.

Raw sexuality and other lower energy activities slows this high vibration down and can make you feel confused, unsatisfied, frustrated and restless.

At this time we can consider them as distractions that slow down the flow..


The time has come for bigger goals and connecting with other beings on much higher levels so jump on and be ready for a pleasant ride.


Love & Light




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