Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 31, 2016

Song- We need a Miracle by Aya Thorgren

Since my Youtube channel is hacked and there is no way I can upload a video and my album, To Beat about The Bush- The Album ” controlled” I decided to at last put out the english version of one of my God given songs for your enjoyment!

And as soon as this problem is resolved I will proceed with my

Aya,s Adventures in CentralAmerica Comedy Sketches…lol…


We need a Miracle

Woman: Oh Lord, we are gonna need a miracle


The bills are getting higher and higher

The government is a big fat lier

Commissions and dollars under the table

Repressing the young and the mother unabled

The anger is growing and the frustration is high

Everyone,s stressing – are we going to die?

Will we ever make it every year seems the same

Everyone,s repressed and feeling depressed

People are getting mental and really obsessed

The only distraction is to get laid

The panic is rising as her periods delayed

Should have gotten condoms but it,s that or the rice

Now with fourteen children we will never rise

I want to forget it all and have a drink

But I just can,t do it, it costs more than you think

We need it for the beans, it,s worse than it seems

It,s that or we,ll have no energy to look for a job

that doesn,t exist even if we persist


Send me a miracle, cause I would need one now so

I put all my faith in you cause I am feeling low

God is the power that will make things right

Through you and your love I can see the light


I feel like I am just a woman and I have no rights

They always look at me like I, m a huge delight

Its doesn,t matter what I say they just wanna squeeze me tight

So I hide under a tree to face my destiny

I know the father is with me and mother nature protects

All I want to do is to perfect

I wanna be your best instrument

Do with me what you will

Send me your commands while I am sitting still

Then I,ll move fast for as long as I last

I,ll unite everyone, even those from the past


One Message One Goal One Soul

the time has come the coming is near

whatever you do have no fear

what is coming up can,t be stopped cause it, s already here

can you hear?

Eternity is here.






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