Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 30, 2016

Threats – Democracy or Not?


The reason I decided to put this out publicly is because it will do no difference denouncing this with OIJ  in Cobano, Puntarenas of Costa Rica since this Richard Guy and his “companions in crime” are strangling my businesses from all sides  and ceaselessly buying everyone along the way  while trying to rob my properties and the last two times I denounced criminal activity OIJ tried to arrest ME for taking back my stolen TV when OIJ didn,t even  bother to come to look at the crime scene for two months and the person responsible for sales at Gollo ( Gallo mas Gallo ) where I bought the TV had made disappeared that fact on the computer sales records so I had to go through  all my papers and find the receipt to prove that it was mine…? I could see it in their eyes that they couldn,t  wait to arrest me or try and find a problem with me.  And the next time when Matthew Blau from Fireworks, Vermont clear cut the mountain and tried to steal property and threatened me to my life with Cabo Blanco Park as a witness they archived the case…? That is why I am putting this out publicly so that you understand the situation here in Cobano and this “grow show” he is referring to just  doesn,t exist but I am sure they are ready to invent anything at this point.

The fact is that Rigo Villalobos went ahead and cleared pretty much everything on the 50 m line which is illegal and putting me in danger with winds, waves ( that is why its illegal to cut trees and plants on the 50 m line)  and possible crime which may have been the initial purpose, to faciliate a crime now since I live live in poverty thanks to Richard Guy and this country facilitating this through continoulsy ignoring me and and my rights. When I reacted and called the park, Richard Guy and his male chauvinist pig worker told me that I had better go and ask Rigo for forgiveness which I will just NEVER do.

How is it that the men make the mistakes and break all the laws and I am continusly sacrifized and crucified ???

#1  27-05-2016 07.16 a.m.

I needs you to got o Rigo and apologize to Rigo. I am not kidding. Today, this afternoon. Or, the OIJ will receive and anonymous  phone call. Im NOT JOKING.I asked Rigo to text me and tell me that you came by to apologize or your lousy shitty life is going to get a lot worse. I need you to write and tell me you  will do this. I need to receive confirmation or I will call OIJ this morning.

# 2  27-05-2016  07.16 a.m.

Try me out  Aya…ignore this and you better start cleaning up your little grow show cuz, they,re coming this morning I will never bother you but you must NEVER bother me or my workers

# 3 27-05-2016 07.16 a.m.

Text me back before 9 a.m. or start packing up your show.

#4 27-05-2016 07.20 a.m.

At 9 a.m. I call OIJ.


NOONE is allowed to treat me like that.


Aya Thorgren




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