Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 28, 2016

Strange DisEases

It cracks me up to see all the new ” modern” diseases coming up, probably related to our insane society like for example bi-polarity or sex addiction…lol…what is that??

Sounds like a great excuse for a hypocondriach to take medication for a pretty old problem and really after all the careless parents,  pedofiles and Viagra on the market, what did we really expect?

Since people are saturated with sex and information about sex coming in from all sides while glorifying and iconising  pornstars that were probably raped by their fathers as young and live in self- hatred, people just can,t get excited anymore, not unless you do something really “weird” or shocking, everything is ” permitted”.

My question why so much focus on one thing?

And from that to…violence…?

If we would use all that focus on for example betterment of the planet for example, imagine what we could get done…we could give our children some hope at least.

Don,t get hooked and then get lost down there, you have no time.

And you deserve better.


Love & Light




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