Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 4, 2016

Evolution- Discard Outdated Behaviours

To bring on the new energies and changes we have to adapt a new attitude that is open, forgiving, understanding and kind.

Being kind doesn,t mean being lame.

It means moving for and standing by the right choices and events only which are those that create a stable platform for our society.

Male chauvinism, control, sexism, rigid female roles, gloat and not being able to to grasp information and do something with it, are things of the old.

The high energy is fast and intelligent, a high vibration that is lighter so movements with lower vibrations will not work  making these efforts fruitless and without resolution.

There is nothing cool about this energy, its outdated, backwards and improductive..

Being superficial, complicated, conflictive, having a “difficult” personality and disharmonious vibe is someone that will have difficulties in these changes, everything that person believes in will crumble since it was not built on a firm, solid foundation, like that of truth.


Love & Light




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