Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 26, 2016

Anxiety and Anguish- The Modern Disease

I feel like the media and many people of the older generations overall have only too many fears of literally everything that comes up .

For them everything seems impossible to overcome.

This creates  a huge sense of anxiety in the younger population, they will literally be born with anguish and the worst thing about it is that noone seem to present a valid, practical solution so one gets even more stressed because not only do they supposedly have all this knowledge and education, they brought you to this place and should know what is going on and what they are doing but no, they don,t have a solution or even a plan and if they do they do not practice or follow  it…?

This makes an intelligent person immediately analyze, critizise society, the educaction and the goals; where is this society heading?

Why are  we heading so fast towards an uncertain end we are not in control of?

Why do they tend to resent a change or impossibilize it?

Now, if they don,t have the solution or the knowledge why aren,t they reacting faster to new ideas that we depend on to make that change, the root of the solutions to the problems and delve into a promising future so that the young won,t have to worry ( which they now do consciously or sub- consciously) will we have a functioning planet, will we have food, will we have a roof over our head? Will we have to worry, will we be able to procreate, should we even have children and bring them into an uncertain world?


Love & Light




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