Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 30, 2016

The Thirst for Power

The thirst for power is insatiable, the game played on earth is one where people are dominated by creating fears and violence.

For thousands of years women have been violated and children sold in slavery, real human sacrifices and victims of powerplays displayed by men.

The history book are full of humans in search of power that after humiliations, show ceaseless hatred and vengeance using their intuition to recognize their ” allies” to be used as weapons of distruction. This in a “place” where no rules apply,  where anything can be done as long as noone finds out ( which they eventually always do thus its imperfection) where the goal is the total annihilation of the “opposite”.

People have since forever found excuses and reasons as to why they are superior to others and why others should accept this and” take their given place in society”, which is below them.

The game of separation , the devilry that has ruled to create chaos and confusion, with the purpose of pursuing power by making false seem right, is the obvious challenge of each generation.

And all this is by the way incredibly childish.

Discern the fearless light, the love and intelligent truth that there is no need to distort with the only purpose as to seem better.


Love & Light




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