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“Many mystics have simply danced after their ultimate experience; they could not do anything else.
They were saying something through their whole being and body; altogether, body, mind, soul,
everything involved in it. They were dancing; those dances were not ordinary dances. In fact, all
dancing was born because of these mystics; it was a way to relate the ecstasy, the happiness, the
bliss. Something of the unknown has penetrated into the known, something of the beyond has come
to the earth – what else can you do?

You can dance it, you can sing it.

This is a song of Mahamudra.”



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“Mahamudra means a total orgasm with the universe. If you have loved somebody, and sometimes
you have felt a melting and merging – the two are no more two; the bodies remain separate, but
something between the bodies makes a bridge, a golden bridge, and the twoness inside disappears;
one life energy vibrates on both the poles – if it has happened to you, then only you can understand
what Mahamudra is. Millions and millions times deep, millions and millions of times high, is
Mahamudra. It is a total orgasm with the whole, with the universe. It is melting into the source
of being.
And this is a song of Mahamudra. It is beautiful that Tilopa has called it a song. You can sing it,
but you cannot say it; you can dance it, but you cannot say it. It is such a deep phenomenon that
singing may convey a little tiny part of it – not what you sing, but the way you sing it.”

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