Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 13, 2016

At The Edge

The only problem with controlling someones materia and their level of materialism, is that they  automatically become more spirit.

They are happier with less, more easily absorb immaterial pre-matter ( ideas). That person will not enjoy or overdo the usual distractions like foods, drinks, drugs, parties, sex, media, electronics ( usually the more people have they just end up doing more of these same things, it is sort of limited 3d, ing it) but learn to appreciate the simple things like silence, dignity, celibacy, walks in nature, creating, thinking and analyzing instead of exclusively being fed information from the outside and after long periods of time like that… there is just no way back.


It could seem ” lonely”at times but at the same time it is very comforting, empowering and satisfying.


You are like living at the highest edge of human existence.

On the borderline of a new reality hoping that others will catch up even if  it may take thousands of years before it happens and as you start to show them glimpses of it they may fear and reject what you are coming with and fear and reject you since it clashes with their reality, competing with the illusion they believe as real, just like they rejected the ones who said that the earth was round when everyone was sure it was flat.


Love & Light




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