Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 8, 2016

Worshipping The Male and not the Whole

I find it fascinating that everything we perceive as having power, even if invisible, humans feel a need to put a male face on it with a beard.

The light of God the love of Jesus, all the recognized prophets…are visualized as males with beards…

So from having an energy that integrates love and light, all beings, the female and the male, an energy that has immense power and power of creation, we reduce it to many figures, paintings, statues of something that is not IT and then proceed with worshipping those things and that is the exact worshipping and idolatry that God is just “not into”/ energetically rejects only because it is not pure, it is untruth.

You  cannot make something eternal, material.


Or worshipping any being “in between” people and God for that matter, in the pretense they are better than others.

A higher consciousness makes a person more powerful ( more closer to the eternal truths) but only while most of the other ones remain unconscious.

And what about hierachies?

We create spiritual and material hierarches, a top angel or top dog and then many, many not so top ones that uphold the pyramid.

Fact is that the one on “top” couldn,t exist or work without the ones on the bottom. No giant company would work without all its integrants. You can,t put the top of the pyramid until having built the base and the top can,t just float by itself in the air, or can it?

It may be possible when all the integrants decide to float.


To feel superior you need others to feel or perceive themselves as inferior and that is just a perceptional illusion.

It may even be so that if you can convince people of being “inferior” they may choose to match that energy and do things in “inferior” ways.


Love & Light




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