Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 4, 2016

The Reality of Women

A country like this literally kills the spirit of the soul of a woman.

After being systematically marginalized, relegated, lied to,then add  the excuses, the waiting, the promises, being totally ignored, frustrated and used up to a 100% while they even refuse to remunerate you correctly for your work, there is no body or soul that carry that much resistance.


After all that tension and all those expectations they have of women, she is bound to undergo a crisis, a nervous breakdown, chronic or sudden pains and even severe disease.

Por que conmemoramos el 8 de marzo

It is as if noone is moving but you. The men are all over the place, feeling important but doing very little or even creating problems, very rarely do they have solutions.They pride themselves on weird things like not using condoms while on the other side thinking about sex take up a disproportionate part of their lives. Additionally when they need sex they will go for any desperate woman in the area that is on that same consciousness level, someone that will go for sex with no love, nor respect. When their personal needs are fulfilled it stops right there.

They give the impression of being highly ego centric and in a way “useless”, not real men. There is an inability to collaborate on larger matters beyond their ego.

It doesn,t matter that having a car is directly releated to making a functional road, somehow it just doesn,t “click”. They have all this obligatory “floating around time” that women can barely justify in between responsibilities like children, cooking and cleaning and then of course working unless you want to live with extreme limitations and chaos.

An example is the story of a woman that was “saved” by a man from prostitution. She helps him to stop drinking and they seem happy but then an american friend of mine and her husband went to visit them and she told me she was shocked because while they were there he was spitting on the floor ( that the woman cleans) like as if it was a normal thing. But then you can almost bet on that he doesn,t like to keep it like that all day so she cleans behind him as he moves and spits. She went through so many humiliations that she was forced to take medication, more specifically Prozac because she was becoming dangerous and pulling knives on him in the desperation. To add to the story he is additionally actively looking for a woman to satisfy his sexual needs since she is now, according to him, useless in that aspect.

An independent woman doesn,t take s-t, she walks away and this may be the biggest fear of the patriarchal hierarchs, that she won,t be around when they need her because a working woman is complete and there are men here that do not know how to turn on a washingmachine if they were left alone. A separation would be traumatic for them, men here are definietely co-dependant and quite immature and any woman that thinks that it is enough doing the “woman part” and that the man will provide will most likely be very disappointed, feel very insecure and maybe somewhat controlling and additionally fall into instant poverty with a separation and unfortunately people today tend to separate more than they stick together.

The “traditional marriage scene” doesn,t hold up.

It is totally delusional.

There is very little romance, everything on this level of consciousness is more based on need (example; you give me money I give you sex , or I give you sex and you give me food).

Nor do I perceive any “men of God”, incorruptible men that are not out-of-control and do not with the excuse of having been drunk or on drugs, commit huge mistakes.



Love& Light




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