Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 26, 2016

Investments, Chaos & Excessive Government Hierarchs

The way this country has been run for the last two decades is extremely chaotic. On one side they will not provide a safe, agile platform so that you can work and then on the other side they pump up on the charges making your business life illogical and fruitless.

For example, who in Costa Rica sells oxygen?

The same elite that sits in the governments and their nearest friends and aquaintances. If you ask the people in rural areas, far away from the central areas, they have never even heard of it or any other possibilities for that matter to fund your wildlife protection and noone will inform about it either and if you ask for any kind of information they will space out and you will never recieve an answer.You get the feel you cannot trust anyone.

There is a huge resistance from the “old style” narcissistic politicians( that want to maintain the power in the elite groups with their corrupt ways) to the changes that this new government of Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera is coming with, they are fighting it so hard that to the people it seems that they cannot get anything done which additionally works in the “old styles” favor. They have one million useless ( for the people) laws that for example protect the enormous ( compared to the peoples) salaries and pensions of the hierachs working for the state, and not surprisingly, for example the bank manager of Banco de Costa Rica receives over $ 60.000 / month while the the poor people only receive higher and higher intersts on bankloans based on the excessive spenditure of the government.They have a relatively high, non- refundable charge just to evaluate IF you are even eligible for a loan and then additionally they barely move for women in rural areas due to male chauvinsim and then, of course, they evaluate city areas higher so already there people in rural areas are marginalized and empoverished. The roads are additionally really bad creating higher costs in transportation, produce and products and the bureaucratic traps, costs and delays become a mere excuse to slow down an intelligent de-centralized development only see how they can be in control of those  possible economical advances.

7 jerarcas cobran ¢85 mills. al mes en salario

Mario Barrenechea, gerente Banco de Costa Rica ¢29.348.418.

Geovanni Garro, gerente Banco Popular, ¢16.534.854.

Olivier Castro, gerente del Banco Central de Costa Rica, ¢10.181.700.

Luis Antonio Sobrado, magistrado del Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (TSE), ¢8.308.471. Max Esquivel, magistrado TSE, ¢7.269.650

Dennis Meléndez, regulador de la Aresep, ¢7.181.000.

María Zamora, magistrada del TSE, ¢6.971.560.

The members of parliament and ex -presidents and their un- married children receive a minimum salary for life of $ 6000 whether they did anything important for the country or not.

The legal stability of the country is fatal.

When you first come to invest, anything is possible but then immediately they start a relentless campaign to stop anything you are doing inventing new laws as they go, fully supported by lawyers that have even been known to omit explaining the reality or even following the laws only to make a quick buck. All of a sudden eveything changes and everyone is looking at how they can make money on first bringing you in, then stopping you and then making you leave. This makes for a very insecure place for investments overall. When Costa Rica does something like that they should definitely be forced to reimburse all those investors but not with symbolical funds but with the real and actual million dollar losses that these companies loose in time and incomes. It is something that I would clearly consider a “legalized fraude” where the client just doesn,t get what was promised..

Business owners keep sending petitions for changes to this government, for now, without effect.

” Como parte de las demandas se encuentran dar seguridad jurídica a las inversiones, impulsar la construcción e infraestructura, modernizar el mercado energético, tener una política de empleo, fortalecer la seguridad social, reducir la tramitología, entre otros…”

Empresarios no cambian peticiones


Piden via rapida para quitar pensiones de lujo

Diputado llama al Presidente a poner orden en bancos

Privilegios en UCR cuestan c 39 mil milliones al año

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