Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 22, 2016

Sexuality- The Human Obsession

I was analyzing earlier in my blog about the possibility that we are accomodating to our new “androgynous” balanced stage and that right now many men and women seem to be on totally different consciousness levels which may explain why so many people are turning gay ( beyond the ones that felt different from an early age). It may just be that women and men are just incompatible. Without generalizing most men are into quickly satisfying carnal pleasures, lust and sex while most women are into a romantic long lasting love. The people, men and women that are looking for someone to save them come in the first group, it is not from the heart.

The fact that the number of porn sites are increasing means that particpating is now becoming a working opportunity. This just couldn, t be the great advanced direction that our society is taking, it seems so primitive, why don,t people get together and do more important things, this feels very stone age. Why do most people tend to explore only the lower levels of consciousness and so few the extatic heights where the satisfaction last longer?

The women that are obsessed with sex usually has a past of  sexual abuse or substance abuse (alcohol and drug abuse) or both to cover up the emotions. They are drawn to extreme experiences and explore their sexuality in every direction usually under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Some are possibly just bored, they have a “normal ” job & routines that don,t really stretch the imagination, they are probably overstimulated by media and are less likely to explore spiritual heights, some average looking women that are competing about the men, are also likely to go to extremes in trying to get attention, competing for affection( it is now proven that men trust beautiful women more but they have trouble discerning their honesty). In many cultures where male chauvinism rule (also in the not so educated working class groups) a womans education and her economical independence is ignored with the purpose to control her, this forces her to depend on a man for survival thus the culture in itself perpetuate the image of woman as exclusively a sexual being and she is taught to attract, manipulate and then attempt to control the man( so that he doesn,t run off with a similar thinking woman). The man considers the woman as his “possession” and will be  awarded or punished depending on her sexual loyalty towards him. In these cases if you add alcoholism and frustrations you get those passional crimes that include violent revenge and even homicide, if the man is not too educated, can,t handle his emotions and is physically very strong he may not be able to handle a break-up and less if the woman went with another man.

There are many questions around sexuality; why do men and women experience so many problems with their sexuality, lack of desire, physiological problems, infertility etc etc?

Reasons are many, stress, depressions, wrong diet, incompatible chemistry, expectations. They may even react to the superficiality of sexual relationships, feeling that there is no soul to it and thus reject it.

Another question is, why do many people nowadays feel a need to look at other people having sex to even get going?  Why is having one partner not enough and why all these sex toys, really, what could they really add to sexuality? What is so fascinating about naked people ( more than being a relatively primitive instinctual trigger to ensure procreation)?

Why do people pride themselves on being ” great in bed” as if we were talking about a scientific achievement or something when its  a relatively simple act in itself, that additionally when excempt from lov is pretty baaad ( and that probably explains why people that have unconscious sex are usually drunk or on chemical drugs that desensitize, you almost have to be to get to that point) and why afterwards they just don,t feel right and “icky”. That persons consciosuness won,t grasp the other levels that entail respect, even self- respect. We are talking about a type of being whose only focus is to satisfy a desire and experience physical  pleasure at any cost, someone who will do anything to make that happen.

A society or organization cannot become 100% powerful until all its members are recognoized and allowedto fully explore and develop their powers. That is why equality, an equal treat to all beings is fundamental to reaching civilizational heights.

If humans focus is on the lower levels how do we expect to have a conscious society.

While there is male chauvinism, we are talking about a very primitive culture.

You cannot ignore, suppress or undermine half of the population, or abuse of all the natural sources or even suppress your inner male or feminine side and think you are going to get anywhere.


Do not love this one more and that one less.

Just love.





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