Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 13, 2016

Truth lies within you

Sometimes I do things ahead of myself. Some event triggers me to move fast into one direction and the reason I thought I moved was not the more profound reason, the one my conscious self could not see but the subconscious foresaw.

It is like God leaping for you and you just have to let go and go and you needed something to start heading in that direction, a push.

My body needs little and “clear” foods and energies when it is important for me to remember my dreams for example or analyze a complex matter.

It automatically has less appetite and crave only what it needs, the information or vibration that will enhance that message (maybe even partly or in its entirety laying within in it)

I rely on God to show me a bigger picture.

A delicate dance of not getting things interpreted wrong in a false illusion

Be aware of “traps”.

Information come piece by piece, not until captured do you get the other piece to move on.

It is like a labyrinth walking on Planet Earth while handpicking the gateways and paths with decisions that lead to immortality, praising life, in gratitude for it, to not loose a day making a difference, in joy always.

With every careful step fearlessly  look around at all your blessings, you have very reason to be happy by showing gratitude for all this now. Do not wait until its gone.

The best present is your PRESENT, another day, remember that the impact you make upon the world is instant so may it be full of love


Love & Light




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