Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 7, 2016

Being a Spiritual Warrior

I was sitting in my house under a very large tree and the winds were pìcking up to the point of being very intense and possibly dangerous. The love that I have for the trees and plants I live with made me pray for them so that they would not break or be harmed and as I was doing this I could feel how nature was holding me safely in its protection. I was sitting in a storm in perfect calm knowing that I was safe, that I wasn,t separate from the strong winds, but one with them.

Not a branch broke on my property and it takes me back to how thee branches never break or kill an underlying plant, they always fall right by them and if ever a plant gets touched, its like a perfect trimming that will make the plants stronger, for example one out of three tops, one come off…perfectly… and then the roots gets stronger and the harvest bigger.


Have no fear.

Love & Light





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