Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 6, 2016

Gluttony and Insensitivity

This is a fact that the average gluttony among the peoples does not help the world at large.

The tendency of the older generations is that they have to have too much of everything, too much food, over consumption of goods and everything else.

This trap of our death society needing to overdo as much as they possibly can, to enjoy life they call it, blowing it all, natural resources and even the air, leaving almost nothing to the coming generations, is highly disturbing.

It shows the lower frequencie consciousness of stomping over others to have more, and more without regards to the future.

They plainly don,t care about it since they won,t have to live it. It is the kind of people who cannot envision the problematics since all the blood is always in the stomach and their brain is obviously isn,t as as oxygenized and clear as it is in others. They spend most of the day letting media fill their brains leaving no space for their very own thinking.

They do not only accept horrendous situation on the planet as something ” normal” to sit back and watch with endless snacks, they additionally have no urge, energy nor the brains to change things.

In fact these people think only about self satisfaction and not much beyond that even to the detriment of their own bodies and life. They talk about diabetes, hipertension, thyroid problems anbd heart diseases as if they got ” hit” by it by accident, like victims to feel sorry for, not that they may have pushed every limit gobbling until the body just couldn,t handle it.

It is like the father or mother that carelessly spend their childs money leaving the grandchild with nothing!

It makes no sense!


Love & Light






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