Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 1, 2016

The Game of Chaos, Distractions and Deviations

Manipulative people literally jump to vengance and they have to work hard to maintain the false illusion they want you and the surrounding people to accept as truth.

Controlling people often loose patience when they see they cannot get anywhere with you and may even proceed with trying to “destroy” you.

Someone who one minute seem to be on one side and will lash out and attack the next is not doing this out of love, but out of ego.

Greed or certain desensitizing drugs and pharmaceuticals can cause people to react like this.

I find that people rarely change, even if their results are just not great, people get used to doing things a certain way and that is how they are used to resolving problems even if they barely escalate, they still don,t change.

These people never get that far and if they ( almost) do, they rarely enjoy what they have or have accomplished in this way because the best way to fulfill yourself if through honest work and not through another person. Trick your way there sacrifizing people on the way, is just not the way.

Everyone has the very own mission to fulfill and until you do it, you will feel totally frustrated and unfulfilled.

There is a divine “revenge” and this is created automatically as people choose to walk out of the light and love ( the highest vibrations) and into the opposite, the empty air where one has no real foundation to stand on.

They are unable foresee the consequence of their thoughtless action, creating the domino effect of their unconscious act which is of a much larger extent than they were able to envision due to their “blindfolded” view.

Everything is connected and every being should be respected.

You cannot go against someone and think it is not going to affect everything in your life negatively.

The moment you loose respect for someone, you have an enemy and no lies in the world will save you from that destiny.

Why would you go against people or nations (that support your moves), having the knowledge that it will backfire on you?

Unless there is a hidden reason they move for you than they pretend, that is, for example a person helps you but their intent is not what they claim or a part of a nation receives funds to suppress the other half, then there should be no reason to react.

It is easier to commit serious humanitarian crimes within chaos, so the first step is to create chaos and desperation and a legal way to stop it.

Suppress a group of people and then throw in some temptations, cash for money laundering, loans so that you will loose your house, drug deals to get you in jail or use have the perfect excuse to have you to spy on the rest or legally kill you, try to get you involved in something, luring you into something that will make you loose your credibility, or pretend to be moving on things to get your hopes up and make you loose valuable time, or present “great” opportunities to the people you are approaching to do something powerful with at the moment, and if they are like most people, money talks and will be the first choice over pretty much anything else, these people won,t even notice the real reason behind, they may sit in twothousand meetings all of a sudden that eventually come to nothing, just to loose time, or create stress, security issues, time limits, trust issues, constant distraction, sonic pollution which leads to mental/ emotional instability and at the worst case dis-ease.

If the target is into sex, food or drugs these could also be great distractions and amazing tools to humiliate people, If you can humiliate someone over and over again they may break down, suicide or do something violent they can punish you for, or at least you will need medication and psychotherapy, maybe even be locked in forever in a psychiatric ward.

At least by now you will be totally paranoid, have lost all trust, hiding somewhere and even pushing away people with good intents= no movements nor powerful real changes.

Be awake.


Love & Light




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