Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 24, 2016

Love Yourself

If you truly love yourself the negative things that happen in your life affect you much less than if you don,t.

You can literally detach yourself from all these events, even learn from them, feel unemotional about things that could possibly affect you negatively if you took them to your heart.

Sometimes we may have to deal with raw cruelty and inhumane acts and it helps to understand that none of this have anything to do with you, that you do deserve love and that the source of love that is always available is the one that comes from within, the one that is born in God, in your God-Self.

If you don,t love yourself the world will seem a pretty dark and terrifying place.

Sit safely in your rooted self and let the chaos pass and watch them evil doers take out themselves.


Love & Light




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