Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 18, 2016

Getting close

People may be let in when they  are ready for it, something that can only be proven through action overtime or they will most certainly backstab you.


One cannot expect a brutal person to do noble acts.

You cannot force educacion or information  down people, s throats, they have to yearn for it from within, have a curiosity about life and the mysteries that lie within it.

The subleties and the unseen, the windows, portals and doorways into exactly what we need.


The meetings, the meanings, the exchanges of energies, the charging of electromagnetic fields, the activation of events fuelled by light and love and then the awareness of the relentless shadows that seem to only live to stop that flow, creating fear where they aren,t needed, a ” hole” of a “bad” or negative event possibilized and hopefully not magnified by the mind.

Purify thy mind from inner fears, those imposed from the outside and proceed with living in the peace of mind that you are.

Love & Light




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