Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 5, 2016


Cruelty and coldness come after many humiliations. Its the effect of having experienced abuse. When you feel like the feelings are killing you, you turn them off and sometimes all of them, even the good ones.

There is a skill to choosing your emotions about everything that comes your way, to turn a negative event into a positive emotion or into a very tangible creation.

Its about picking the good parts and leaving the ones that don,t serve you behind.

Every interaction that you have with a person is coordinated so that there is a growth in consciousness in all parts.

The actual events in themselves that we get so emotional and worked up about are not important. The ascendance in consciousness is.

When you stop taking things personally and look at the greater reason behind there is no fear in your movements and you move with peace of mind.

We get to analyze cruelty in different forms and events to understand the importance of compassion.


We choose if we want to experience love or fear in every moment and decision.

Peace of mind over terror, awareness over unconsciousness.

There is nothing coming your way that you are not prepared for,

all energies meet halfway.

Set the tone and the movement and this same energy will come your way. The effect is instant.


Love & Light




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