Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 30, 2015

Good Vibrations

A vibration changes as quickly as a thought.

People with good vibrations and high energies make mistakes when brought down by an event, a thought, some sort of negative impact that they did not foresee, that un-protected, affected them having let it in.

With another positive thought one is brought back instantly.

What more of one energy you give out the more of that same energy comes your way.

What you tap into, you become ( one with).

Dodge the effects of negativity by not giving it any space in your life.

Let it go back to its source of origin and leave you in peace so that you can smile about all the great parts in your life without constant interruption and discord. Rather enjoy this beautiful planet and observe all the love that flows between its living beings in a place of sounds and harmonies capturing the essence.


You look better when you are happy because it is a high vibration as opposed to tension or worry that affect everything in your body in a negative way.


When you are happy, you also shine.

Shining is as attractive as stars in the sky.

You beam.

You are light and love and immense peace of mind.


Love & Light




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