Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 16, 2015

Absolute Autonomy

Before the industrialization the families lived in autonomy doing everything, planting, building, making clothes etc etc. The closest support group was the rest of the tribe or village. One needed to know a little about everything and people lived and created values and culture.

Now everyone are specialized in very small fields, thus the commerce of healing, of foods, of energies and pretty much everything.

Things that we do know how to do ourselves we put into the hands of others.

The costs are so high in cities that both parents need to work and the children be in the hands of others, right there is the beginning of the split of the family, the loss of trust and the breaking away from our roots.

We have the capacity to heal ourselves, to feed ourselves, to educate our children.

As much as possible, take back that power.

That is your first step to freedom.


Walk back out into nature and take in that fresh air.

Love & Light




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