Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 15, 2015


We make mistakes because we do not receive the right information of how to do it right from our society.

Much education is directly related to the industrialization and preparing citizens for that purpose only.

In a very personal trial and error path we may come to the conclusion that what we thought was the way may clearly not be it considering the inconclusive results and then we may choose to move into the new or suffer, fearing the change.

If very little or no knowledge comes from an outside source being contaminated by un-truths then you must search for it within.

Question everything.

Keep your eyes out for the ” traps” that are the constant distractions sent your way to divert you from your true goal.


Higher Conciousness is available and is coming in whether people want it or not through the people and all beings that accept it into their lives.


Love & Light





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