Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 14, 2015


When you miss the basics like nutrition and balanced foods, it affects your whole bodily chemistry resulting in low energies, irritability, nervousness, headaches, depressions, illness and stress and in this state you still need to work, find a job, dress for it/ be representative and keep going.

It,s that or laying down or giving up. Most people that are poor do not own their house, they pay rent and nothing was given to them.

Moving like this wears you out, you have no energy but have to walk to school or work, walk to get food, walk to go where the opportunities are and you never rest because the little you get done in one day and the amounts you spend daily in comparison to what you make forces you to keep going 24/7  with the simple joys of sharing with family and friends more than accumulating riches which from this perspective seems almost impossible.

This state of poverty affects your relationships, your social life, your presentation… everything.

You cannot afford to participate. You are out of society.

A young person will literally do anything to fit in, if the parents don,t provide, they will do it their way.

People in poverty are vulnerable, others will take advantage and use them but don,t want them near, they are likely to invent stories as a cover up for different reasons one of them being shame. They are likely to take drugs to not feel hunger or plainly to not feel ( ex. humiliation or fear) and get pissed off when noone listens to what they say or entire governments do not care much about their existence. Many feel frustration and anger.

They become the revolution because they are alive and will not give up and when you live day by day time is short, one needs to move when the energies are high.


That is why excluding large parts of the population will backfire on the rest of society.


Love & Light




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