Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 2, 2015

Borderline- Sexual Distractions and Mental Health

We have a bigger “problem” and that is the mentally ill whose dis-ease wasn,t prevented. These beings may overreact to what others find normal, they may let their emotions take over their whole lives to the point where they cannot work in harmony with others, many are heavily medicated, some are not. Many live with extreme fears or obsessions, they are people that could possibly cause harm to themselves and others. These are people that need protection so that others won,t take advantage of them, family members that won,t shock them or try and control their lives. They need to feel safe and loved with as little drama as possible, living in peace with no pressures. All of these tranquil states are almost impossibe to perceive in our society, it is a state that has to be found within each person and becarried with you everywhere no matter what the outside circumstances.


2. Psychiatry Relating to a personality disorder characterized by a long-standing pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships,behavior, mood, and self-image that can interfere with social or occupational functioning or cause extreme emotional distress.


An old childhood friend recently told me he had been dating a woman that is borderline and after a while his doctor prescribed sick leave from work and to stay at home and de-stress…

If I wanted to create chaos and huge delays in a society, for example in a “war with no guns” the first thing I would do is to send in some borderline women that pride themselves on being sensual and daring ( like most low income women).

This would also help in creating suspicion, perpetual paranoia, will help in making someone loose credibility and  create a loss of trust. Men are quite vain, many of the men I meet are more vain than most of the top models I used to work with.

Their ego is huge and thus this becomes their weakness. A true warrior doesn,t fall for every women that passes on his way, he is unmoved not to loose focus on the goal.

Focus is the key to success and a completed mission.

Un- controlled sexuality thus becomes an enormous problem in society and a direct cause of health issues, mental problems, stress, anxiety and most of all, a distraction and a waste of time which leads to loss of focus in other areas. Female warriors ( and that includes the spiritual ones too) for example are more resistant, can deal with physical and emotional stress better, they are also more organized and meticuluos.


Another problem is that mentally ill people can become the subjects of sects -religious leaders and even political systems.

These organizations are just great for people that prefer that someone thinks for them, makes decisions for them, decides what is right or wrong for them. If you noticed both use cryptical laws ( that you conveniently can go around) that need “experts” to translate to mere mortals instead of humans simply using their own head and common sense. Even public education can confuse, people think that they will teach them everything in school but for example if you lack morals and ethics in your education at home and school forgot to bring that up, your child will have serious problems dealing with society.

Love & Light




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