Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 15, 2015

Security- Real Fears vs Created Ones

Even with all the proof that we have that violence is not a solution to our problems, fear does make people react with a “survival instinct”, an attack will first be defended and then again, if needed for survival, a counterattack may be effected depending on how dangerous the enemy is.



If a poisonous snake is found around the house it may very possibly be even eliminated before it attacks to prevent a serious problem to the children for example. You may use a stick, a machete something with a distance will prevent you from getting bitten.

Nowadays we have more sophisticated weapons where approximity is not a need nor being present but the initiative to act is still fear. Fear can cause panic and panic can make it difficult to perceive the right solution which is a lasting solution, one that will find the origin and then will terminate the problem. Panic and chaos is not a state that helps whether in relationships, businesses, sports or anything really.


This fear and subsequent panic sells a lot of security related products and that includes weapons, for territorial, religious wars or the gangwars, then add national and internal security. Every country and many of its individuals for one reason or the other buy guns, I imagine the thought is that if everyone is armed then you don,t want to be the one without one.

Even if they spent $ 9 billion this year in Mexico in security they did not resolve a thing. El Salvador is killing off all the gangs instead of focusing on better education, health and other urgencies, and Columbia has spent $ 3,5 billions in unresolved conflicts with the drug cartels and FARC.


What is the difference of real danger and a created one?

To live in so much fear, must mean that our planet IS a dangerous place and have the belief that most people are evil and untrustworty but more so the thought of everyone that doesn,t think like you, is inferior.

Considering that we are set in space a valid fear is that we may be hit by an asteroid but then this is something that humanity with its limited knowledge of energies do not know how to handle so one cannot worry about it all day.

A created fear is stressing about something that can be avoided but through our acts, behaviours and preferences create a problem that is even easily predictable.


While fighting violence with violence has been proven not efficient at all, respectful dialogue and social reforms has.

It,s more about chosing love before fear.

Love & Light





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