Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 14, 2015

Classifying into Groups…and what for…?

I just read an article about religions and sects and how they are created by separation, which right there says a lot, someone speaks the truth, let,s say Jesus and the followers call themselves christians, but then  some of them disagree on certain points and create separation, a separate branch, and on and on it goes, into more separation and further away from the original source and truth and from the original message of love ( and with only too many messengers crucified).

None of this makes any sense considering God is One and is, even through the eyes of physics, an interconnected unity, an expansive energy field of creation into the highest and most intelligent and loving possibilities throughout everything.

Then I remembered how people like to classify people into groups as if they depended on it. How people caught up in the mind create preconceived ideas.


Just because you choose to live on the country side and plant your own, organic food does not make you a hippie.Neither does wanting to live comfortably in your own house,  surrounded by art and handcrafted, excellent furniture and textiles and “yuppie” or a” bad capitalist” only because you attract abundance by knowing that is what you are an also knowing when it,s enough when its time to enjoy living. Nor does it make you a person “that escape reality” because you are not in a city, when you are creating it with every seed plant and every idea explored and manifested  with surrounding materials ,or “responsible” by surrounding yourself with more things than living beings coldy praising materialism as a god, fearful of everything and disconnected by silence and denial when faced with truth.


Every single being and particle here are very specific originals and cannot be classified but carefully appreciated one by one.


Love & Light




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