Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 27, 2015

Does duality kill?

These last few days I feel like I am led into the profound mysteries. It started with an article in the news about a meeting to discuss ufo,s and other starsystems and lifeforms in the Universe. In the article several ex-militaries explain their ( at the time) confidential experiences with ufo,s coming near military bases and deactivating nuclear bombs.

One of the people exposed in the article is from Peru and his name is Antonio Cordova. He claims to have been abducted to planet Yellow to bring a message to humanity and here is where I started to get goosebumps, because he claims to have been visited by Alpha-Omega ( mentioned in my book The Ark of Noah- A Survival Guide and in the book of Revelations 22:13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”  ) and that this being left him 4000 scriptures from the lamb .On that planet everyone lives in fraternity and noone dies, they look like us but their psychological make-up is different, like that of an 12 -year old child, they are very wise.((When I was taught self- healing through self- hypnosis by Steve McGruder in 1989 on my first “inner travels” I went to Atlantis and I saw it sink, in that scene I was a 12-year old girl with red hair and I remember watching the disaster from underneath the water.)

For the unification of humanity– Antonio Cordova.

This made me think about something I have suspected for a very long time; that our planetary humans have behaviours and customs that are highly mortal, that all this hatred, brutality, separation, heartlessness, tension, greed, carelessness, addictions and evilness is the direct cause of physical death. It even makes total sense. Not a day goes by without reading or hearing about that we can be sure about dying and death, its for sure, everything comes to a definite end…

If positive affirmations does work and open up to good vibrations and great events then you can be sure that repeating these limiting beliefs over and over again while personifying faithlessness, negative traits and opening up to negative energies will for certain cause physical and mental affectations known as die-ease and a weakening of body and mind that will make the soul want and need to leave this reality and thus go.

Since a child I never believed in mortality, that it exists yes, but that it is necessary, no, somehow I have always seen it as some sort of bothersome and even shocking failure, a carelessness that could have been avoided had we only known better and been immersed in perfect love and enlightenment.


Love & Light




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