Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 24, 2015

Female Receptivity and Self Defense

A good homecooked meal, caring, loving touch, a backrub, a smile….

All these traits of woman, her natural loving, can by men be interpreted in so many varied ways.

Men who are starved for attention or don,t have the minium of education ( how to deal with other humans in a respectful way. the things you learn at home) may not respond in a lovely way at all but grab that woman in a lustful way considering all these acts and traits a provocationj.

This may have created an emotional “filter” in many women, out of pure self- preservation, being feminine, soft and receptive may nowadays be reserved to someone special and showed only when the women feels that she can trust and in a safe environment. For examle when you walk in NYC you focus, you don,t show vulnerability and you don,t exhibit any weakness when surrounded by total strangers.

This doesn,t mean she is cold, like many men who can,t have her would like to pretend, but forced to be highly aware of what is around her and be smart about dealing with lower energies when in a possibly vulnerable position.

Many men assume that women should be able to withstand certain behaviours that our cultures consider as normal, so when they approach you it is an an egoticstical act to fulfill one of their needs without respecting you, not out of the state called love.

Your emotions will guide the way.

If it goes against your self-respect and dignity you will probably automatically be repulsed and take a distance.

When you put your foot down, someone with the wrong intent will immediately tell you that there is something wrong with you. The only thing “wrong” with you is that you decided to set your own boundaries,  you don,t comply nor do you fit into the expectative pattern of what that person wanted you to be, for him, you just are.

Right after that, of course, you can,t take criticism ( even if you are totally silent) nor do you understand that no, there is nothing wrong with the outside world and its fatalistic illusions that make everone suffer BUT there is something seriously and absolutely wrong with YOU….and this is where you need to understand the effects of frustrated unhappy people, negativity and cut off, we are talking about two mayor transgressions of boundaries, remember noone can judge you but God.

You need calm and peace of mind in your life.If a person does not personify these traits, it is going to be a battle and who has the time? Seeds could be planted, fruits harvested and cloths weaved. Your life should be enjoyable, the people around you should be loving and caring, if your life isn,t like something needs to change.


Remember those fairy tales stories where the prince had to kill the dragon and pass all these special tests before he could get to the princess, the reason being is that if the man is willing to fight and slay a dragon to get near you, he is probably worthwhile and he probably reallly likes you, the last thing you need is someone who wants everything the easy way because he won,t hold up when the challenges come.


Love & Light




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