Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 8, 2015

The Heaviness of things Unchanged

That feeling of oppression and frustration, of that it looks and seems like nothing will change, that you are suffering and feeling stuck, that this place seems insane is not a special test from God nor the Universe.

It is our man made asphyxiating ego centric societies illusory reality, exempt from compassions that makes us feel like…what is a person like me, full of heart and feelings even doing here in this harshness?

Why am I here if I just can,t relate?

Because you are the one changing the paradigms and goals which is in itself not an easy task, but a fulfilling one.

Having realized that you are different, maybe more perceptive, is the first step.

Expressing your view that will be an eye opener to other is important.

Discovering, discerning and letting go of the emotional traps and insecurities that this illusion would like you to get caught up in.

Find likeminded peers that support your vision.

People that totally understand what you are talking about.


Have no fear and follow your guidance.

Be strong. Be strong. Be strong.

Be the change.


Love & Light




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