Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 23, 2015

Take your Power

The last few days I have been feeling rather intense, like a bow. After weeks on end in the garden, planting I even started seeing the patterns of the leaves when closing my eyes. I have been dreaming a lot, designing gardens in my head, sleepless nights and low energy in the day. I was laying down yesterday to meditate to try figure out this energy that kept my whole body like a spring.

As I breathed into my body I realized how intense the energy around and within me was, to the point where I was almost resisting it.

So I decide to let go and become that energy fully

I took a deep breath, with the palms of my hands upwards and said to myself;

I take on my full power

in its entirety

as a a pure instrument of God

 spreading that Light and Love with the World and the entire Universe

then I sat in this energy for a long time and just enjoyed it.


Try it!

Love & Light




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