Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 22, 2015

The Feminine- Feeling of Powerlessness and Anorexia

I just read that they are not sure about what triggers anorexia although I found in many psychology books that they are usually highly intelligent women that feel that they are not in control of their lifes and I assume that means that they take control what they can control…themselves.

Because regardless of your intelligence, power or education the men will ignore that completely and reduce you to a sexual object every minute they can, you are paid less, of less value to companies because you carry the children. You do more than any of them but are ” worth” less. They will try and touch you all day if you give them a chance, if you are nice they take is as if you want to sleep with them, your life is run by a male president, your father knows better than you how to run your life, every institution is headed by mainly men deciding over your life and deciding what is important to you and what you should focus on which is to; stay in your place, to please and don,t move the world to much unless it is in a way that the men have agreed upon.

Women in poverty have since forever been led into promiscuity by the men in power  and many of them just accept  and take their role in society.

That may be another reason to turn almost asexual, to not attract men.


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