Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 23, 2015

Woman- change, acceptance, surrender or submission?

I was reading about negative energy and how it can take over your whole life, the solution being shifting all negative thoughts to positive ones.Then I wondered,  how are women supposed to deal positively with the way they  treated?

Feeling like a victim is bad, feeling this or that is bad, but usually when you don,t feel good it,s because something is seriously wrong. Eckhart Tolle says that when you deal with a situation like this you can either change it or accept it, everything else is madness. So what do you do if you are considered a second class citizen just becasue you happen to be a woman? SInce we ae not going to accept it our only choice is to change it and believe my incredulous observations when I see how fervently society and its men ( and even some misogynist women) defend maintaining and conserving things the way they are…?

What is next?

Are you going to tell your daughter that it will be easier for her if she is submissiive and shuts up?

Or tell her that since there is no immediate change in society to just accept things the way they are?

This, in my mind, idealized society that my forefathers helped to create, deep down do not accept me for who I am and is failing in their respect towards my being and many other precious souls. This also shows our societies glaring problematics, our under- representation everywhere…now how does any man dare to decide over my life or make decisions for me in this, a modernized slavery system where women are put in their place based on where the men would rather see them, not on their specific, individual,qualiative strenghts and powers.

I suggest you let noone decide over or make decisions for you, you do have the last say, it is YOUR life.

And no, we won,t accept, we change.

Love ♡ & Light☆




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