Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 26, 2015

Save the World- A Catch 22 situation

It,s remarkably difficult to create any changes in a society repleted with alcoholics, manic depressives, bi polar addicts to legal (pills) and illegal drugs, fear TV, violent games, sex, pregnant teenage girls and people that are barely surviving while all of these are trying to “escape” their horrific reality…. our cruel society.

Since you can,t do this and can,t do that and everything simple that makes sense is made impossible except for crime…no wonder that some people flip out and then do something totally mental and out there only reflecting the insanity of this world.

It shouldn,t surprise anyone. It actually make sense. It,s expected.

You can compare this to the pattern of parents of schizofrenic children, nothing they say makes sense, it,s always contradictory, so the child reflects that.

Why would we create a system like that?

Out of ignorance?

Because one immediately wonders who benefits from paranoid, asleep humans in need of constant distractions and stress relief.

The one instant realization is that ANYTHING could be going on in the background and NOONE would notice or even care.

This is proof of a fearful-of -the-future, hopeless ice cold ego maniacal society where empathy is probably considered dangerous or plain stupid. Hoarding material things on the other hand seems to be the one and only goal.

Forget the days of trusting and collaborating( that actally works)

-Sálvese quien pueda! like they say in Latinamerica meaning “Every man for himself!”

and when you make it doing whatever that will get you there you stick your nose uo in the air and judge everyone else…

We are trying to make it easier for our life giving alive Planet to host these humans that in this unbalanced state will only attract bad vibes from the rest of the Universe in whatever way that would and could manifest depending on what they give out.


Just the incessant work to contaminate our water- and food sources thus starving out our own species IS an act of insanity.


To make a change every person on this planet have to be here, feel loved, be wide awake and react so that the energy of the mass consciousness shifts into a beautiful reality, an illusion that is more aligned with the immense sublimeness of this Universe.


Love & Light




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